v1.5.0 8/2/2021

  • correct usage to access the componentRef 753e2b3
  • fix typo 312c2c9
  • add new componentRef prop and explain it in the documentation 55b8502

thanks to @muellercornelius for the contribution 🚀

v1.4.1 5/19/2021

  • feat: bind component in case its a prop of the loaded component b69ea6a

v1.4.0 4/26/2021

  • feat: change prop name to component fcecbe5

v1.3.1 4/7/2021

  • fix: auto import component by name without prefix c477fb3

v1.3.0 4/7/2021

Starting with nuxt@2.15, Nuxt uses @nuxt/components v2. This version adds compatibility for @nuxt/components v2.

  • chore: add .npmrc to set npm registry url 472bce9
  • chore: downgrade to vue-lazy-hydration v.1.x 214e586
  • feat: add compatibility for nuxt/components v.2.x 0620c34

v1.2.0 2/27/2021

Upgrade vue-lazy-hydration to v2.


hydration option 'SsrOnly' is replaced by 'Never'

v1.1.0 1/26/2021

  • chore: add np publish configuration 585c9a3
  • fix: remove blokwise__dynamic class (#6) d0e3558
  • feat: disable inheritAttrs for component dynamic (#5) e28ccaa

thanks to @memic84 for these contributions 🚀

v1.0.5 11/23/2020

  • feat: opt-in logging in module options 23f7368

v1.0.4 11/20/2020

  • fix: exclude files from npm package 6014b80

v1.0.3 11/20/2020

  • feat: Enable kebab-case component names. relates to #2 73f2849
  • test: add tests for module add e2e test if plugin is loaded 19e12ca
  • fix: license in package.json e4e89fb

v1.0.2 11/19/2020

  • docs: updated docs and extended with props information 190434b
  • feat: make name prop required 9224a1d

v1.0.1 11/17/2020

  • fix: remove global option 1afb8ae
  • chore: exclude docs dir from npm package e6f0dd5

v1.0.0 11/17/2020

The official version is out 🚀